Rogers One Stop DECA Shoppe: Relationship Between Customer Service And Distribution

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amount given back to the customer. All refunds must be approved by school store managers before they are given to prevent store employees taking advantage of this.

PI: Explain the relationship between customer service and distribution
The Rogers One Stop DECA Shoppe provides a suggestion box that students and customers are able to let school store managers know which products they would like to be sold from the store. Every week the box is emptied and the suggestions are read through, the most popular suggestions are considered and the products are ordered. The school store merchandise manager is in charge of ordering new product, every Monday the inventory is reviewed and any product that is low is ordered. The store also sells apparel, in the fall and winter months, the store is stocked with season appropriate apparel while towards the spring months more summer apparel is being sold. To keep track of when to switch product out, there is a calendar that specifies when product is to be rotated. This calendar was
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1. Customer Service
All the steps taken by a business to ensure the satisfaction of its customer base. This involves attentiveness to customers, willingness to address customer’s needs, and addressing those needs in a timely and efficient manner. This is obtained easily by the One Stop DECA Shoppe by ensuring that enough merchandise is on-hand to be sold at all times.
2. Transportation
How the products of a business make their way to the next point in the channel of distributions. The products sent to the One Stop DECA Shoppe are transported from a local distributor to the Shoppe by truck.
3. Storage
The One Stop DECA Shoppe stores enough inventories to avoid depleting lines, but not much that back stock of slow-moving products reduces the available storage
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