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Who was Rogier van der Weyden and three of his religious paintings? Do to world war II some reacds of Rogier van der Weyden have been lost(Rogier Van Der Weyden). Weyden was born around 1399 in Tonurnai which is located in modern day Belgium(Rogier Van Der Weyden). He was an apprentice to the Master of Flémalle, who was possibly known as Robert Campin (Rogier Van Der Weyden). Campin was one of the founders of the Early Netherlandish style of painting that espoused a naturalistic style that soon spread out thought northern Europe as the Renaissance was starting to take a hold in Italy and in southern Europe(Rogier Van Der Weyden). His style was one that relied on realistic observation to a larger degree than other painters before him(Rogier…show more content…
The first piece of art that I believe to be important is The Last Judgment, which I believe to be Weyden greatest piece of art. The piece is oil on an oak panel(Rogier Van Der Weyden). It is about the day that God will pass his final judgment over the all of souls humanity, and assigning them to either eternal excruciation or eternal bliss(Rogier Van Der Weyden). These picece of art goes with the Bible, in Matthew 13: 40-43, to all of evil-doers will be thrown "into the furnace of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth," and the righteous ones "will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. " (Rogier Van Der Weyden). During this time Christians nearly universally held the view sponsored by the Catholic Church Rogier van der Weyden painted this image(Rogier Van Der Weyden). It shows when Jesus Christ returns to Earth, the dead will be resurrected and reunited with their bodies and each person will be judged for the final time(Rogier Van Der Weyden). Those who are already in heaven and hell will remain(Rogier Van Der Weyden). Also The ones that are in purgatory will be released into heaven(Rogier Van Der Weyden). Those people who are still living will be judged by Christ when he returns and be sent to their determined place(Rogier Van Der Weyden). It is believed that after this Final Judgment, the universe will be renewed, and paving the way for a rebirth of earth and heaven(Rogier Van Der Weyden). The Chancellor Nicolas Rolin of Burgundy and his wife, commissioned the Last Judgement in the year 1452(Rogier Van Der

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