Rogue Warrior Essay

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Rogue warrior is a series of autobiographical and later fictional novels written by Richard Marcinko alongside coauthors Jim DeFelice and John Wieisman. The first novel in the series was Rogue Warrior that was published in 1992 andwas an autobiography of Marcinko’s experiences serving in the US military as a Navy SEAL. The first novel spawned several more fictional titles in the still ongoing series starting with the 1994 published Red Cell.

The first novel in the series is an autobiographical account of the authors various experiences in the military. Some of these experiences include the history of the two US Navy counter terrorist units Red Cell and SEAL Team SIX, the American invasion of Granada, the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt, and
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It is a refreshing look into the military as it has the typical military tough guy from the 1980s that most military movie heroes are made of. The novels covers the Vietnam War, the organizations of counter terrorism units in the 1970s and the author’s command and establishment of one of the best known SEAL team in the US, SEAL Team Six. The novel is an exceptional insider look into American Special Operations in the second half of the 20th century.

Blood Lies the second novel in the series is deemed one of the very best ever written by Marcinko. A daughter of an ex-Navy SEAL goes missing and soon turns up held at ransom in Mexico. It is now up to Richard Marcinko the Rogue Warrior and his merry band of Red Cell braves to head south to get her back. It is a perilous journey and mission, as they have to deal with human traffickers, drug dealers, bandits and lastly break into the well-guarded mansion of a cartel kingpin holding the girl hostage. Throw in a secret Hezbollah camp sheltered by drug lords on behalf of the Iranian government and you have one of the most explosive of narratives. In the end, Marcinko finds out that the woman he had been sent to rescue may actually be his worst opponent
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