Rohm's Betrayal In Germany

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November 8th of 1923 marked the first of many major political advancements regarding the NSDAP. It was then that Adolf Hitler’s Sturmabteilung troops surrounded the Bürgerbräukeller building during a political meeting, when he burst into the beer hall, jumped on a table, and fired a pistol, during which he shouted “The National Revolution has begun!”. Ernst Rohm, the leader of the S.A., led the other units in a takeover of Munich’s army headquarters, or a putsch. The army generals of Berlin ordered both police and army personnel to suppress the Nazis during the attempt, making the mission a failure. Adolf Hitler, as well as Ernst Rohm, were later arrested, hence dissolving the NSDAP temporarily. His initial trial began in February of 1921, and on April 1st of that year, he received a sentence of five years total in…show more content…
It sparked discussion on Lebensraum, or citizens’ living space. According to it, the future of Germany depended on the conquering of most European land. German settlers should expand comfortably, so they could bear ‘superior’ Aryans, and clear the space of inferiors, such as Slavs and Jews. The suitable territory would be Russia, due to its vastness. To top it off, Austria and Germany were to be reunified. The effect of him releasing these beliefs had a major impact, but not quite revolutionary. Its contents also began to worry the rest of Europe. Many believed he hoped to gain revenge on France for the Versailles Treaty, and that the policies expressed may be implemented. His popularity grew slowly but exponentially throughout the next few years. Some citizens still hoped for the weak but promising Weimar democracy to turn out, and were afraid of supporting what they did not know of. This, however, began to change during the future elections, after the revival of the National Socialist German Workers’
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