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Haryana Haryana is the 20th state of India that came into being on 1st November 1966 and presently has 21 districts. Previously it was under Punjab. It is situated in the North Western region surrounded by Himachal Pradesh from North, Uttrakhand from North East, Rajasthan from the South, U.P and Delhi from East and Punjab from North West. Haryana is considered to be the cradle of rich Indian cultural heritage. In terms of economic development too, Haryana has come a long way during the few past years. Kurukshetra is a great pilgrimage for Hindus and tourists from all over visit the venue of Mahabharat war and the birth place of the Bhagvad Gita. Building on its, historical and cultural traditions, it has developed in to a modern city having…show more content…
Several stories make round about its name and foundation. One story goes that Rohtak was founded as ‘Rohtasgarh’ during the reign of Raja Rohtas in ancient times, and it is considered to be authentic. It is also claimed that the town derives its name from the Roherra tree called ‘Rohitaka’ in Sanskrit. It is said that before the town came into existence, it was the site of a forest of Rohitaka trees, and hence its name became Rohtak. Rohtak was first carved as a separate district, consisting of Gohana, Kharkhauda-Mandothi, Rohtak- Beri and Meham -Bhiwani tehsils, in 1824. It experienced several changes before assuming its present form in 1997. The Rohtak district now consists of : 2 sub-divisions (Rohtak and Meham), 3 tehsils (Rohtak, Sampla, and Meham), 2 sub-tehsils (Kalanaur and Lakhanmajra), 152 panchayats and 147 villages. Rohtak is known as political capital of Haryana. A medium sized town, it is strategically located about 75 kms West of Delhi on the Delhi-Ferozepur railway route and Delhi-Hisar-Ganganagar National Highway No. 10. It is well connected by rail and road. There is a 5-minute bus service between Rohtak and Delhi. The town has been flourishing ever since the creation of Haryana state in 1966, and is now known as the education hub of…show more content…
It has plans to grow to the size of globally respected schools of business at the fastest pace. It has taken several initiatives within the short time since its inception. IIM Rohtak is in the process of discussing with potential international partners including in the USA and its likely to come out with active international collaborations soon. It has a beading signed its first US agreement with the Indiana University, Kelley School of business, which is ranked in top 100 in the word. IIM Rohtak has also decided to set up an Advisory Council consisting of well-known corporate and academic personalities from internationally acclaimed organizations and institutions to guide in its exciting future

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