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The Date Rape Drug: Rohypnol Most people are familiar with hearing the term date-rape. It is a widely talked about and controversial subject. When most people hear the term “date-rape”, you think about an individual drugging another with the intent to cause harm sexually. However, rarely do people know what the actual name of or what drug or drugs are actually being used in date rape crimes. It’s not uncommon to find that most teenagers are taught early to never leave a drink unattended and never take drinks from strangers. Still young adults and teenagers tend to be more careless and vulnerable, so this group tends to be the most common target for this particular crime. While bringing awareness to this crime we’ll focus on one particular…show more content…
It can extend far beyond the original impact as the entire communities suffers devastating and wide consequences. Rohypnol can affect families, health care costs, and productivity. Most addicts tend to be emotionally unstable and unpredictable, which causes the family to live in states of anxiety and fear about triggering an emotional outburst. The children can also suffer from neglect. This addiction is a serious disease that needs professional medical treatment. Substance abuse not only contributes to problems, such as heart disease, but also costs the nation billions of dollars for treatment. When people are addicted to a substance they are unable to contribute to society as much as they would if they were sober and healthy. The estimate of Rohypnol drug abuse cost the nation almost $129 billion a year in wasted resources like poor workmanship. Addiction can lead to numerous crimes, people under the influence of Rohypnol may be more violent and less inhibited. They may also commit crimes to finance their drug habits. At least half of the society arrested for serious crimes, are under the influence of drugs. It is proven that ten to twenty percent of traffic accidents are caused by drugged driving. If he or she drives a car while on Rohypnol, he or she is a menace to everyone in their path. A simple trip to the store can result in an accident that ruins or takes the life of an innocent

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