Role And Importance Of Cyber Forensics

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ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED BY TONYE ADUKEH. 1. Role and Importance of Cyber Forensic Expert in Crime Investigation INTRODUCTION: Cyber forensics can be defined as the investigative use of computer science, computer aided tools, software and tools to aid a legal process. This process seeks to investigate and unearth certain details hidden or deleted in a digital device ie • A mobile phone • A computer system • A network of systems • Etc In the past, people and organizations would throw away their systems as they acquire new ones without properly wiping away the information on the hard drives thereby leaving off personal and private information to whoever had the knowledge to check. This would give room to fraud and theft of personal information including bank / credit account numbers. This has changed in recent times as cyber forensic specialists have helped to solve this problem by first retrieving information from everywhere on a system or a network before discontinuing use of that device. This is enhanced by specialized software tools. Cyber crimes can be defined as theft of company/organizational or intellectual secrets or property. Trade secrets etc are the foundation upon which most firms, companies and organizations are built whose informational content gives its owner a competitive advantage. The company/firm would lose millions if not billions if such information were compromised. Cyber-criminals themselves perpetuate these crimes and make it their jobs to find

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