Role And Importance Of Project Management

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Role and Importance of project management

Project management is defined as the art of planning an operation to ultimately deliver an end product or service to the intended recipient and it plays a very huge role in the daily operations and general strategy of the modern organization. In every kind of organization, projects often have to be undertaken in order to achieve an end product that will ultimately bring in revenue and grow the business.
Ultimately the product or service delivered at the end has to satisfy the customers or client whom has contracted the company. At this current advanced age of technology where processes are operated heavily with the aid of machines and communication through the internet making transactions of money and information swifter than ever, customers are also more demanding in terms of quality and efficiency as they are so used to getting stuff that they want with great swiftness and accessibility. Hence, the project management of a company has to be at the top of their game so that the customers are happy.

Many a times a project fails and go horribly long due to the incompetence of mangers to effectively manage a project. Poor management of projects can lead to several disastrous results which would displease customers whom the project aims to serve. The failure of a project can often be pinpointed to several reasons which ultimately lead to either a subpar quality product or failure to deliver on time.
Below is a list of reasons as

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