Role Conflict In Nursing Essay

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This is a review of the article ‘The Effects of Role Conflict on Nursing Faculty; A Systematic Review’ in the International Journal of Medical Reviews journal. Firstly, a summary of the article will be done, then an analysis of the articles’ effectiveness with respect to structure will be carried out, assessing information presentation and readers’ accessibility.
Role conflict and ambiguity have been reported at different levels with varying consequences especially in institutions of higher learning (Gui et al., 2011; Zakari, 2011). Nursing institutes and faculties are also not exempt from the common challenges affecting institutions of higher education including role conflicts (Specht, 2013). Understanding the levels of role conflicts and
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The body of the article contained five (5) sub-headings. The introduction was apt with relevant paragraphs highlighting the concepts of role conflicts and relevant theories of roles. The methods provided definitive information on the study design, sources of data used for the review and how the information obtained were filtered and analyzed. The results highlighted the methodology of the article chosen for the review, while findings of the articles were expressed in two categories with respect to the research questions of the article. The categories include: Level of role conflicts and Consequences of role conflict. The discussion of findings contained eight paragraphs with comprehensive comparisons of the findings of similar articles on role conflicts and its consequences. The conclusion summarized the essence of the review and the importance of the findings of the study. References were cited in the text and also clearly referenced in the reference section. Overall, the article was logically written with concise

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