Role Confusion In Adolescence

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss role confusion, which is the crisis in adolescence, according to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development which consists of 8 stages. Firstly, it introduces the concept of identity and who came up with it as well as defining role confusion . Next it elaborates on Erikson’s theory for better understanding of his theory by looking at stages before and after adolescence. Thirdly, it addresses adolescence as the crucial period in developing one’s identity and why it is so important in the formation of the identity. Following that, it lists down and elaborates the negative effects of role confusion and reasons why it may happen. Lastly, it discusses what contributes to the increased possibility of role…show more content…
A search for personal meaning by the individual so they can claim their attributes and abilities as a part of a role they want or wish to play in society. It is the pursuit of finding meaningful connections and relationships within a much larger social environment. Failure or the inability to find this identity is what is call role confusion or identity crisis. It is a form of stability, a foundation in which people’s lives can be built on (Klimstra & other, 2009).Erik Erikson is largely credited to be the person who came up with this “identity” theory as part of his theory of human psychosocial development. He is quoted many times by numerous people delving into this elusive and complex concept called the identity, all crediting him as the founding father of this theory, though the understanding and meaning of it has evolved over…show more content…
It presents a problem as it can bring about some serious negative effects which would affect the quality of life in the future, how an individual may cope with problems and stress, cognitive abilities, and interpersonal relationships (Kroger, 2008). When an individual is unable to form their identity and encounters role confusion, he/she will face lower levels of achievement motivation and self-esteem, higher levels of neuroticism, and low conscientiousness and extrovertedness. The individual would demonstrate a much higher usage of defense mechanisms and high levels of shyness due to their insecurities. Their careers in the future would suffer as they would face a lot of difficulty dealing with new people and a new environment. Successful people will not achieve success by avoiding or shying away from
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