Role Model Of Gender Sensitivity

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Philippines: a Role Model of Gender Sensitivity in the ASEAN

Bardoquillo, Rachel Mae L.
Graduate School of International Studies
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea Abstract


In this new millennium, the issue on gender sensitivity is gradually penetrating different regions of the world, challenging the patriarchal paradigm. Its extent ranges from series of movements by different independent groups and non-governmental organizations fighting for gender sensitivity, and governmental organizations pursuing gender sensitive programs and projects. This unprecedented development of gender sensitivity denotes its growing importance affecting activities and development of actors and entities in the international
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Gender Sensitivity could be a contributing factor in achieving Gender Equality and Gender Equity. Gender Equality goal is equality between men and women with the belief that all human beings have their freedom to enhance their individual abilities and to make decisions without the issues like stereotyping, the gender role, and bigotry. It also considers the different qualities, ambitions and needs of men and women. On the other hand, Gender Equity focuses on men and women’s individual needs’ fair treatment (Gender Equity and Equality, 2000). As abovementioned, there is a big difference between the three. Gender Sensitivity recognizes issues regarding how the way society sees and looks at gender. It looks at how women act, treatment towards women and how women identify their roles in the society. Gender sensitivity also covers the understanding of how different issues regarding gender role and discrimination hurt people…show more content…
The Philippines’ long history of colonialism has embedded a patriarchal culture among Filipinos. (Anonuevo, 2000) There have been patriarchal interpretations throughout the history in ages. The Philippines being a patriarchal society during 1800’s – 1900’s, it is the male that was considered as the first sex while female comes after as the second sex. A woman is passive because man is active; she is weak because man is strong; she is emotional because man is rational; she is a follower because man is a leader. By being made conscious of herself in this particular way, woman enables man to affirm his construct of himself as lord and master of women. This was a manifestation of gender biases. (Ramos,

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