Role Models For Children

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Children 's books writers do usually support role models for kids. Consider that Children’s Literature is never just for children, children and adults are integrated. Children will be adults someday; adults were used to be children. The grownups have akin experiences to kids. Therefore, the children’s books, which mostly written by adults, are always as prepare lessons for the little one become adults. The two effective but controversial writers, Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl with their famous works, Alice 's Adventure in Wonderland and The Witches, these two books use a subversive way to provide role models. Thus, what are the role models? How about characters in the books? The qualities of kids are also the qualities of adults. Children…show more content…
On the path of Alice’s transformation, the change of her personality start after The Caterpillar’s advice “Keep your temper,” (Alice’s adventure in wonderland 41). For example, when Alice met The Cheshire Cat, she is being polite due to his threatening appearance. “she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt it ought to be treated with respect.” (Alice’s adventure in wonderland 56) although their communication is not delightful to Alice as The Cheshire Cat called her mad. Furthermore, the little girl keeps her discontent to The Duchess in their second meeting. The Duchess’s uncomfortable chin keep digging Alice’s shoulder with an unpleasable appearance. Alice learns not to be rude and what is the proper manner of socializing. She keeps the conversation as normal and tries another fine way to bore the annoying situation. Therefore, the relationship between Alice and the others is pleasant. With pieces of evidence, Alice shows how to control self-emotion during a dissatisfied socialization. Notwithstanding, Alice is not an ideal role model for children within the story. She does not have an exactly well- controlled emotion like the time in the mad tea party. She leaves the party because of their ridiculous, unbearable behavior and speech. Children can understand nobody is perfect simultaneously. On the other hand, Alice has shown her empathy for Pig, the baby. The Duchess disregards Pig and joins the Queen’s croquet-ground. Following the mother nature, Alice takes the responsibility of babysitting. She knew a life would perish if she refused the duty. In contrast, The Queen of Heart is an antagonist and cautionary tale of Alice and kids. She is a control freak that impatient, irritable and atrocious. For instance, after Alice talks back “It’s not business of mine.” (Alice’s adventure in wonderland 72), the Queen gets enraged immediately. She cannot deal
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