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We all have a group of people we either depend on or look up to with respect. They are usually people who are close to you or a celebrity that you follow on a social media platform. People will look up to a role model because they have a certain personality trait or they have helped them overcome something tough in their own life. In my life my role models are my Mom and Dad, my bantam football coach and my jr high gym teacher. I depend and look up to these people in different ways but they have all helped me in some sort of way growing up. Even though two of the people on this list are not family I still consider them as one because of the amount of help they have given me. I have many important people in my life but it really comes down to my Mom and Dad. There is a quote that reminds me of them and it goes “Parents are obligated to love you, you have to earn it from the rest of the world.” No matter what I have down or how bad I have messed up in life they are always there it help me back up. They have never turned their back on me and they have always done what is right for me even if I don’t agree with it at the time. They both have taught me very important life lessons but there is two that stick out to me the most. One is respect. They told me from a very young age you give everyone a fair chance and you never assume they are going to be a bad person until you get to know them. They told me with respect you also have to be forgiving. There is no point in being mad

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