Explain The Competency Requirements Of A Psychometrist

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3. Competency requirements of a psychometrist. As the HR Manager of SeeSaw Coal (Ltd), I propose that we appoint a psychometrist to assist us with psychological tests and other related tasks to ensure that we appoint the most suitable candidate for the role, as well as ensuring that current staff are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and to be able to identify possible leaders within the organisation. A psychometrist can be defined as a “psychological practitioner who has special expertise in the use of psychological tests (HPCSA, 2014). Psychometrists “perform assessments and also contribute to the development of psychological tests and procedures in a variety of contexts, including educational, work, career, health and Non-Governmental…show more content…
A psychometrist’s role includes: taking responsibility for the ethical use of Psychometric tests including test security, confidentiality and informed consent; to ensure adequate knowledge and understanding of psychometrics, testing and assessment; to ensure good practice in the use of psychometric tests, including test selection, test administration, scoring of tests and reporting accurately on test results; to ensure accurate interpretation of test results and feedback of test results; to ensure that the tests used are classified and that the test scope validity, reliability, standardisation, culture fairness, accessibility, language, level of education, practicality and acceptability are appropriate to the identified assessment needs of the context and clients; to develop, promote and advise on best practice in the field of Psychometry; and to contribute to the development of psychometric instruments in the South African…show more content…
Meaning that various moderating variables such as educational and socio-economic background will have an important outcome on test performance (Bedell, 1999). When psychometric tests are being conducted, the measures needs to be equally valid across different groups. Cross-cultural fairness therefore asks whether the measures are equally valid and reliable across groups of people with different cultural backgrounds and their linguistic ability in the language that the assessment is set up in (Moerdyk,

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