Role Of A Teacher

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Introduction Teachers take on my many roles in the classroom and there are many factors that impact these roles. Based on the three articles the top factors to be considered are history, teacher preparation or teacher education and culture. The first factor to look at is history. The era you grew up in can play a part in the role you take as a teacher. The role of a teacher in the mid 1800s was not only to educate on reading and writing but also on religious education and not to mention their role as a community leader (Morton, 1947). The second factor to be considered in the role of a teacher is their own teacher education and teacher preparation. Having the proper education and preparation plays an important factor in your role as a teacher. If you don 't know what you 're doing it can effect your role as well. As discussed in the article, The Exhausting Life of a First-Year Science Teacher, “It was basically ‘jump in the deep end,’ ” Reddy said. “Every day is like, ‘figure it out.’” (Mader, 2016). The last factor that effects your role as a teacher is culture. If you studied and taught in one country and you go to another country, their culture of teaching and content can be vastly different. As Walker had mentioned in his article, How Finland Starts the School Year, to be a successful teacher was to start the school year off right, and for him that was a set form of guidelines and structure (Walker, 2016). Little did he know hat was the complete opposite in Finland
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