Adult Nurse Role

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For the assignment, I will critically define the role of an adult nurse. Within the assignment I will explore; the role of the nurse within the field of adult practice, how health and social care policy, legislation, ethical issues and professional regulation influence current nursing practice, and how research and evidence-based practice can be applied to nursing care and clinical decision making.
Whilst focusing on the 3 main topics above, I will also ensure the assignment meets the learning theory outcomes. I will achieve this by; identifying the key issues within the evolving profession of nursing, and explaining the role of the nurse and the influence of policy, legislation and professional regulation on current nursing practice within
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It all depends on how you look at it. To me, a nurse is a person who is willing to go the extra mile for a patient, a person who will do their utmost to ensure that they are given the best care possible. I use the term care as in looking after someone when they are unwell or unable to look after themselves, alongside the physical care they are given there is also emotional support. This could be in a number of different ways such as someone to lean on when they receive terrible news. But not only is a nurse there to support with the bad news, they can also be the bearer of good news.
In 2015, Kristina Eriksen of Rasmussen College released a blog post on the School of Nursing website stating that a nurse is not ‘Just a Nurse’. She commented saying “Just a nurse? There’s no such thing”. She believes that there are 8 reasons a nurse isn’t just a nurse. Their role includes being; an advocate, a bridge builder, a chemical catalyst, a confidant, a counsellor, an educator, an interpreter, and most importantly a friend. (Eriksen, 2015)
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A nurse must be caring, compassionate, communicational, courageous, committed, and competent. A caring nurse is the most crucial team member. In most cases a nurse is the first person they are greeted with on a ward or on home visits. It is important that the patient and their families are made to feel welcome and safe. Throughout the admission of the patient or the length of the home visit, the nurse must maintain a certain level of care, they can’t let it waver or the care the patients receive may be
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