Role Of Advertising In The 21st Century

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Advertising in 21st century and its future
The 21st century offers marketers to have more choices in communication and also in terms of support, media opportunities, and various internet facilities to make it possible for the marketers to compete around the globe virtually (Richards, n.d). Advertising presents opportunities to connect with people in different ways then before. An effective advertising which get positioned in the mind of the customer encourages people to buy their products, services and idea’s. Although word of mouth has been the important factor in successful marketing but advertisement and social media interaction makes this method even more effective, where consumer has the ability to interact with many people in the 21st
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21st century is the information age where the internet is influencing major changes in marketing practices all over the world. Earlier in the 19th century advertising was done through newspaper where small print of messages was printed promoting all kind of goods but nowadays advertising through newspaper won’t be as effective. In the competitive world of advertising, selecting the right medium to convey the message is the most crucial decision for every marketer. If the right medium and message is not selected properly, the advertising won’t gain the attention of the consumer. The Snickers TV advert featuring Mr T as BA Baracus from The A-Team was pulled after it was accused of being insulting to gay men. Mr T is shown firing Snickers chocolate bars at a man whose speed walking in tight yellow shorts, while yelling, "You are a disgrace to the man race. It 's time to run like a real man” (Chi, n.d) Even if the advertising medium is selected properly but the advertising message is not, it could have a negative impact on the consumer as well as the…show more content…
Advertising plays a vital role in the behavior of the consumer and how the consumer perceives the brand. Nowadays, in the era of information technology, advertising can reach out to consumers all around the world in a matter of seconds. With technologies like television and internet, advertising have become more creative and innovative and with it the consumer has changed as well. Facebook has billions of followers and now Facebook has become an economic way to reach out to vast number of consumer effortlessly. “The personalization and precision of these new ads are changing the nature of advertising. It’s no longer about entertaining, delighting or making a personal connection; it’s about precision targeting” (Degraw, 2016). This form of advertising is more precise and effective as well. Facebook also does this with the help of the data collected by Facebook from it’s user and advertise product accordingly. “According to Jason Kint, CEO of digital content industry group Digital Content Next, Google and Facebook captured all of the US$32.7 billion growth in digital advertising spending in the first half of last year. Everyone else’s share shrunk by 3%” (Degraw,
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