Role Of Agents Of Socialization

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In this assignment I am going to write about socialization process and discuss about four agents of socialization, the impact of family, peer groups, the media and the school
Method by which individuals acquire the knowledge, language, social skills, and value to adapt to the customs and roles necessary for integration into a group or community. Socialization involves the process of training a child to be able to adjust, adapt, associate and live in a society. This can be made possible through learning the norms and rules of the society. Socialisation takes place at different platforms such as primary, secondary and adult. The primary stage has to do with the socialisation of the young child in the family. The secondary stage involves the school and the third stage is adult socialisation. Childhood socialization that happens in infancy and childhood has a lasting effect on child’s ability to interact with his or her peers and other people in the society. Family, peer groups, mass media and school are the most influential agent of socialization in childhood . These agents play important role in the process of socialization.
Family plays the first and important role of socialization. Family impacts the norms and values of life in a child. Family helps in the upbringing of a child by teaching various skills, impacting knowledge, and disciplining the child. Every member of the family plays an important role of socialization in the life of a child. When a child
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