Role Of Agriculture In Pakistan

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Pakistan has a rich and vast natural resource base, covering various ecological and climatic zones; hence the country has great potential for producing all types of food commodities. Agriculture has an important direct and indirect role in generating economic growth. The importance of agriculture to the economy is seen in three ways: first, it provides food to consumers and fibres for domestic industry; second, it is a source of scarce foreign exchange earnings; and third, it provides a market for industrial goods.
Economic growth is a phenomenon that normally to express it as percentage changes increasing national income in comparison the previous year or previous period. As in our economy agriculture sector plays an important role by enhancing the gdp of our in case of Paksitan ,agriculture sector contribution is about 24%.beyond all other changes in the economy agriculture sector is still playing major role in the economy of paksitan.
The main target of underdeveloped nations is efficient economic expansion. Exports are considered as the fuel for economic expansion. The drive for fast economic growth in underdeveloped countries is generally accomplished by means of trade. Large numbers of scientific studies pertaining to the role of exports in elevating the economic development are available in the literature. Economists from classical school of thought claimed that, international trade is primary source of economic growth and foreign exchange
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