Role Of Air Pollution In America Essay

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China and the United Stated of America alone are responsible for two-fifths of the carbon dioxide emission in the whole wide World. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that United States of America as well as China lead with perfect examples. Without effectively working as a unit for climate control it will not be possible. The past shows that the United States of America is not leading with a good example. Just five years ago, the U.S. Senate could not get the majority in coming up with a climate control law. Besides all this we know what the main cause of air pollution is: humans. How can we change to play a positive role? Is it the government itself or can we as individuals contribute to reduce air pollution. It is a very sensitive…show more content…
Separate papers, plastic and regular house waste. Recycling glass bottles and aluminum cans is important that is where Europe is a great example, recycling. The United States also recycles they just do a better job in Europe. Washing clothes as less as possible and try to use warm or cold water instead of hot is a way they save. Try to air dry your clothes. Being a smarter shopper, as in bring your own basket instead of using tons of plastic bags knowing each one of them is a huge damage to our environment. Drive wise, walk as much as possible and try to drive an environment friendly car. Americans are known for their big trucks which eats tons of gas with exhaust and motors very damaging for or Air Pollution and environment. Problems that come with Air Pollution are undeniable. The latest scientific research has concluded that air pollution from natural gas fracking sites increases the risk of significant health problems for people living near drill pads. Toxins detected in the air include natural gas-related chemicals linked to headaches, asthma symptoms, childhood leukemia, and other cancers. Parents are afraid to let their children play outside. This is very serious. What we know is that companies with a lot of toxic

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