Role Of Air Pollution In Canada

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The air pollution is attached with government and people. According to the Canadian encyclopaedia, the sources of air pollution include industry, transportation, domestic activities (e.g., heating, cooking, wood smoke), agriculture (fertilizers, blowing dust, pesticides, herbicides, animal waste, farm odours) and forestry (pesticides, forest fires). Air pollutants are substances that, when particle present in the atmosphere in sufficient quantities, may dangerous impact on people and animals. Government try to reduce the emission by implementing some laws. Most Canadian provinces and the federal government have formal air quality regulations in place such as Clean Air Acts. These acts specify emission standards and ambient air-quality
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As per the Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (CARA) was established in 2006 to support Government of Canada efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions in order to improve the environment and health…show more content…
For example, group of people are more affected by air pollution in developing countries. The disease like cardiovascular is common in people who are working in the factories and polluted environment. The mortality rate is higher among this people. According to the Maynard the epidemiological method shows the daily variations in levels of air pollutants could be correlated with deleterious effects on health. The long term effect of air pollution is increase 6% risk of all-cause mortality. The long term effect of air pollution is increase 6% risk of all-cause mortality. The effects of major gaseous air pollutants have not been qualified. It is clear that the air pollution creates major health problem in United Kingdom. Michael L. Anderson (September 2015) stated that the mortality rate for the age above 75 years is 3.6 to 6.8 percent due to air pollution. The capitalism also leads to most of the air pollution in the world. For example, many private companies into the third world nation don’t follow the rules and regulation for air pollution. According to Guarnieri, Michael; Balmes, John R. (2014), vehicle traffic and power generation are the main root of urban air pollution. While in countryside the air pollution is less. John et al., (2014) claims that the Improved air quality to prevent health problem will require strong governmental and corporate efforts to move economies in both developed and developing

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