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The aim of this study was to discuss the androcentric nature that is present in our society. In this patriarchal society main focus is male’s perspective because of male dominance. These societies focus less on female’s point of view. Males tend to place females one step behind from them in every walk of life because they can’t bear females’ success. In this research female students were selected as sample and the population was Fatimah Jinnah women universities’ students. We get their opinions about androcentrism which is common in most societies, the reason behind which is male dominance and patriarchal nature of men which subordinates women in every aspect of life.

Androcentrism is the practice of placing males or masculine
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In Christianity, Bible is mostly translated by men. They use male generic words in its translation. Most part of the Bible is written keeping the male perspective as the primary focus and the experiences of women in the Bible are interpreted by men. Moreover, some universities have restricted the number of female undergraduates they accept. Therefore, "educated opinion" has a risk of being androcentric. Today, women in industrialized countries have far better access to education than men. The vast majority of films are written and directed by men. This may result in an androcentric bias, with most films (and film characters) being created from a male perspective. Not only do men have more influence than women over the storyline and characters of most films but also, they have the most influence when it comes to publically reviewing them. Because most film reviewers are male, androcentric films (films from a masculine viewpoint) may tend to receive more glowing reviews than female-centric films. In the field of arts, most of the artists are males so they convey masculine point of view through their art and their focus is less on females. The use of masculine language to refer to both men and women may indicate a male or

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