Role Of Anger In The Iliad

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Written by Homer, The Iliad, portrays the life of Achilles, and how the Greek Hero allowed anger to overwhelm his decision making. Complications arise when anger leads to hate, pride, or suffering, and Achilles life illustrates the results of anger. Throughout the book anger slowly consumes Achilles and significantly changes results of the Trojan War. Causing him to act foolishly, Achilles’ anger brought harm upon many Greek people. Also, The Iliad teaches that anger caused a downfall to Achilles’ life. Achilles anger throughout Homer’s masterpiece results in the unnecessary deaths of many warriors, a shameful reputation, and a disastrous downfall. To begin, Achilles struggle with anger first comes to light from his inability to fight under…show more content…
Once Achilles decided to return to battle, anger and pride still possessed him, and the actions of Achilles after killing Hector that he did not care about his reputation. Homer writes, “Achilles still would not dismiss his Myrmidons...“Charioteers in fast formation - friends to the death!” (559). Gloating in victory, Achilles did not refrain himself from killing even more Trojans and fought to death just so that he could bask in more glory. Also, although not describe in The Iliad, Achilles went to such extremes after killing Hector, that he even lost his own life in battle (Krause). Not suffering a valiant death as a result of the war, Achilles died once his pride consumed him and encouraged him to kill for entertainment. Completely controlling Achilles, the pride resulting from victory, combined with arrogance and anger create an epic downfall for the once worshiped…show more content…
After defeating Hector, pride within Achilles resulted in him killing more enemies and actually losing his own life. Homer’s story of The Iliad illustrates the damage anger causes when allowed to take root in any life. Anger often lead to other complications such as pride, suffering, and even fear. Achilles downfall teaches readers that the anger often controls emotions. To communicate an important message on anger, Homer illustrates the consequences of Achilles anger in The Iliad to show that controlling anger results in a more peaceful and positive
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