Role Of Appearance In Society

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Role of appearance in society
Appearance relates to the way according to that someone look apparently or his participation in a public event.
Appearance always plays a vital role in society. Individuals are judged by their gender and appearance .there are many different perspectives that go into what a common person see in individual they have never met see that there is more to gender and appearance than meets the eyes it is significant to know a bit about professional setting to which is appropriate or not appropriate.
“It is bad but people do judge a lot based solely on looks” (Chadwick 2010).
People take it as a responsibity to fit in today’s society but not according to themselves but the way they think others perceive them they want to look as better as they can just because of outside influence .our surrounding have great influence on our choice the real fact that is influencing our mind this way is media and advertising companies. Theses access are changing people’s mind / perspective so sharply, many people tend to follow some specific look only because media is exploring it.
Peers also play an important role on people’s body images as a growing up person is being criticized by out appearance because of physical features due to many studies that have been done by social cultural perspective, socio cultural perspective refers to the behavior one follows due to the surroundings the individual has form how they act and how they look at things from their
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