Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Future Society

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Artificial Intelligence and Future Society

Artificial Intelligence refers to the science and engineering of imitating, extending and integrating human intelligence with artificial strategies and techniques to make intelligent machines.[1]Even though many machines can calculate complicated logarithms or even play chess this does not make them smart, it is only through the computer's programs that it can perform such functions. The subject of intelligence has fascinated researchers and philosophers for a long time. Humans hold artificial intelligence in high regard because it defines and brings out the aspect of distinctiveness as people are different from other creatures. With the acceleration of technology, there will be a significant impact
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Improved efficiency
Artificial intelligence will enhance the reasoning ability in that it will is replicated into a quicker, durable and sustainable platform through this technology. Thereby improving the speed and accuracy at which tasks are executed.
Despite the benefits associated with Artificial intelligence, it has also got its detrimental impacts on our lives.
Job replacement
With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, more and more people will continue losing their jobs. [2]This technology will be performing the tasks meant for human beings thus increasing the levels of unemployment. Apart from that, it will encourage laziness resulting to wastage of human potential and thinking capabilities.

Production of autonomous weapons
Artificial intelligence makes the programming of autonomous weapons primary purpose is to kill. However, if this can lead to massive causalities if left in the hands of the wrong people.
The progress of Artificial Intelligence has impacted the structure of industries in the following
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[3]The improvements include enriched efficiency through self-learning, more exposure of human to machines due to their frequent interactions and more chances created by infinite data. Regardless of the benefits and effectiveness associated with the use artificial technology in the industrial sector, it has its disadvantages couldn’t be ignored as well. It will directly impact and affect the potential of the workforce eventually resulting in massive job losses. The duties and tasks previously done by human beings will be taken up by the use of Artificial Intelligence leading to high unemployment

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