Role Of Artistic Expression In The Art Of Art

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1. What is artistic expression? Artistic expression to me now is that artistic expression can be shown in many different ways. It is unique to the eye of the beholder, it can be interpreted in many ways, and it can be either very complex or easy to decipher. The artists takes all its feelings or perspective out through creation.
2. What about artistic expression is universal throughout human cultures? I think that what its universal throughout human cultures is the emotions because everyone has feelings that affect or inspire any art that is created.
3. Can you identify a particular speech, work of art or musical experience that changed how you thought about something? Please explain. A particular think that changed my mind of how I thought about something was the story from Ai Weiwei never Sorry. This changed my mind because I thought that in china things were not as bad, I knew there was censorship but not to that extent. This change my perspective about eh whole world because then it got me to think where else is this problem occurring. So now I see things from a different perspective and know that even thogh we are equal we are separated and subjugated by the different countries we live in.
4. What role does art play in local and global societies? Please give an example. In a global society art has the power to change the mind of people and in doing so it causes change within society. For example as seen in Mallika Sarabhai, Dance to change the world, we can see how
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