Role Of Authoritarian Parents

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Authoritarian parents are cold and rejecting towards their child and make their child follow certain principle with force and not reasons. Becoming over-protective they tend to take all decisions for their child. They often over-burden the child with high expectations thereby leading to the formation of negative aspect of the child’s personality (like depression, indecisiveness, anti socialism, etc.) when they grow. Permissive parents are warm and agreeable who hardly restricts the freedom of their children.This type of parenting usually leads to over-demanding, disobedient and indisciplined children. Uninvolved parents are usually so overpowered with their life’s stress that they find it difficult to manage time for their children.They thinks their child capable enogh to takes such decisions which are not even possible for them. Children lacking this parental interference guidance tend to suffer from insecurity and poor self-confidence. Thus, the role of parents are really important in the moral development of their children. Home is the first school of a child. His behavior portraits how he see his parent behaving. Parents unconsciously become the role model for every child. A child promises to be what he has been taught or exercise what he haven’t got. INTRODUCTION : Morality is defined to be that system of rules that regulates social interactions and social relationships of individuals within societies. It is the recognition of distinction between what is
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