Role Of Being Spoiled In America Essay

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Everyone in America is proud of what they think that they have earned, but really they are only being oblivious to how spoiled they are. As is listed in the dictionary, spoiled means to harm the character of (a child) by being too lenient or indulgent. This definition is highly correct because of the way America is compared to a child. Spoiled simply means obtaining something that you do not deserve. America is known as spoiled, because of how oblivious they are towards the things they receive so easily, when most other countries do not. Ordinarily, if a child was spoiled or treated unfairly, then they most likely would grow up to be overindulged, or as some would say, rotten. The first part of the definition says that when one is spoiled,…show more content…
One illustration of this, is that as citizens of America, we are guaranteed an education. Nevertheless, as citizens, we were simply provided our education and did not work for it. It's a matter of chance that we live here and that people from other countries live in poorer countries with less or no education. We are paying a very small amount for schooling, a price that most Americans can afford to pay. So, it is not because of anything we did or worked for to deserve this. Another illustration for this point, is that Haiti is one of the world's poorest countries according to their education systems. Conversely, there are people in America that do not have the money or are homeless and cannot go to school. If one does not have a home, there main concern is finding somewhere to sleep at night and providing food for themselves and their families. They are often unable to send their kids to school because they are moving around a lot, and do not have a permanent home. They also will most likely not have enough money for clothes or school supplies. Admitting that only 11.69% of American citizens don't get an education, in some countries, education is not available for anyone. To restate, this proves that Americans are spoiled because we did not earn most of the things that we have, it was just given to
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