Role Of Bureaucracy In Policy Making

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Public Policy is a broad term, it refers to the policies which are formulated and implemented for the benefit of public. The term Public Policy always refers to the actions of the Government and their intentions of taking those actions. Policy Making requires choosing among the competing interests, and choice always involves intentions. Policy making is seldom a single action; it is most often followed by a series of actions, aimed to achieve desired goal.
Public Policies are the governmental programs, goals, actions or decisions which are expressed in a range of forms, including governmental rules, laws, and legal ordinances, acts, court decisions and Executive Orders etc.
Government is the key element of our social life and its actions routinely shape the lives of its citizens. Governments, whichever political systems they belong to; are not a single unit rather they are composed of many departments and agencies; which work collectively to ensure smooth running of society.
Over time, due to globalised world and Governance model, Policy Making becomes a sensitive issue. Due to information, knowledge and experience, Bureaucracy possessed expertise in Policy making. Their experience makes them instrumental in the Policy Making Process. Bureaucracy played a vital role in the conduct of any government, as they played the role of Black Box where demands generated by civil society, are changed into decisions and policies after rigorous discussion and consideration,
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