Business Ethics Essay

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When it comes to the concept of "business ethics", it is often assumed that there is an abstract element or unreal. These business people do not understand this concept and do not fully understand the role of ethical in business. Meanwhile, business ethics has a great role for the development of enterprises. In fact, economists have demonstrated that corporate profits associated with ethics, and increase the level of profits tied to increase level of ethics. So businesses do not understand the role of business ethics, no sense of building ethical business in the enterprise, the enterprise will be very difficult to go to the highest success. Understand concepts, roles, and how to build business ethics is extremely important for businesses.
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Investors also know that the penalties or negative public opinion can also reduce stock prices, reduced customer loyalty and threaten the long-term picture of the company. Legal issues and public opinion negative to the negative impact on the success of any company. The leader can also bring organizational values and social networks to support ethical behavior. The leaders are aware of the nature of the of business relationship, the problems and potential conflicts, find out the management measures to overcome the obstacles that can lead to disagreements, creating atmosphere as convenient for everyone to get along, find out the general direction of creating a synergy of consensus and contribute to the development of the organization. The leaders focused on the development of moral values held strong for the staff to create consensus on ethical standards and the characteristics of the overall relationship. The leadership positions in the organization plays a key role in spreading the ethical standards. to norms and rules of professional ethics soldiers. The need for ethical leadership to provide structure for the organization's values and to prevent unethical behavior is made clear in the study countries. The leader can provide this structure by establishing training programs ethics official and unofficial, as well as other instructions, help the employee must pay attention to the ethical aspects of the decision-making process of there. Most of the most admirable company worldwide are focused on teamwork approach, more interested customers, promote the exchange of equal treatment of employees, and rewards for good
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