Role Of Character Development In The Great Gatsby

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Character development is literary device used in every piece of writing. It can be large or small. The characters change in one way or another. Character development can be clearly stated or hinted by the author. Authors explain character developments via dialogue, actions, conflicts, and many other things. Being aware of character development in a text can assist one in analyzing that text. It helps the reader to know more about why some events take place in books. Character development drives the plot because if the characters don’t move the story doesn’t move. The character has to develop in order for the novel to progress. One example of a piece of literature with a very distinct character development is classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Character development in The Great Gatsby is essential to even understand the plot as well as driving the plot. Character development is most distinctively shown by Jay Gatsby in his mysteriousness,…show more content…
In conclusion, character development can drastically directly affect a plot. It can affected by other characters and even the setting. No matter how the character develops, when they develop, or why the author had them develop the way that they did, all pieces of literature have character development. This character development can and does drive the plot. It can drive it in any direction that the author sees fit. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby main character, Jay Gatsby develops in many ways. Jay Gatsby’s mysteriousness, loving nature towards others, and boldness towards other changes at a wide span throughout the book. All of these lead to his death by gunshot. All of these areas that Gatsby changes in make Tom more suspicious of him. He then tells his former lover’s husband that Gatsby killed his wife because Tom is upset with Gatsby. Although, Gatsby’s character development was very important to the plot and drove it all the way, in the end, all roads still lead to Gatsby’s
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