Role Of Civil Engineering In Our Society

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Civil Engineering as a Service Article Rough Copy

Civil engineering is one of the oldest branches of applied sciences. It comprises the design, construction, as well as maintenance of public structures and infrastructure. In other words, any engineering process that is done for a public project as opposed to an individual project such as construction, repair or maintenance of roads, water and sanitation systems, and so on is considered to be part of civil engineering.

However, civil engineering is not all about construction of roads, bridges, public water and sanitation systems as most people think. Civil engineering is quite extensive and it entails a lot more than that. This branch of engineering is extremely
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Mining engineering-This sub-branch of civil engineering entails the science, the theory, the practice, and the technology of extracting as well as processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment.

The Role of Civil Engineers in Our Society

Civil engineers are considered to be indispensable professionals. They have one of the greatest responsibilities on this planet, i.e to build the quality of life. With technical as well as creative skills, these professionals plan, design, build and operate the infrastructure necessary for modern civilization, ranging from public water systems and public amenities to highways and bridges.

We may not truly sense the significance of civic engineering in our daily routine. The function of civil engineering begins with the start of the day when you get down to your routine oral hygiene. The water which you use is delivered through a water supply system with a well designed network of pipes, water treatment plant and many other important things associated with this.

The efficient network of roads that we use to get around the city is a product of civil engineering. Even the energy we need at home and in our business premises is available to us due to the direct contribution of civil engineers who built the towers for the transmission
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A civil engineer has the responsibility to design safe structures that meet standard codes in the regions where they are being built. They must ensure these structures are designed with efficiency, safety, maintenance, and durability in mind.

Common Services Provided By Civil Engineering Companies

Civil engineering companies offer a wide range of services in designing and planning of public infrastructure. They also oversee the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure. Some companies cover the following areas in their scope;

1. Road and Highway Projects

Most civil engineering companies provide services that are aimed to develop transport networks in order to link communities and regions. A good company will implement recognized practices and principles of road and highway engineering in the process. Reliable civil engineer technicians must be able to provide road and highway construction management and project services not only for urban areas but also for remote and rural

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