Role Of Civil Service In Liberia

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Civil Service is indispensable for the proper functioning of any government worldwide. The role of the Civil service in contemporary governance system cannot be overemphasized.
Kwaghga (2010) defined the civil service as a body of men and women employed in a civil capacity and non-political career basis by and state governments, primarily to render services in forms of advice, as well as a formulation and implementation of policies of the government. Ebriawa (2009, asserted that a country’s reflection hinges on effectiveness, efficiency and sensitivity of its civil service.
The Liberian Civil Service was established in 1934 by an act of the National legislature, which also created the Bureau of Civil Service. In 1960, the Special Commission on Government Operations (SCOGO) was established to organize the operations of government more efficiently. Like all other public institutions in Liberia, the Civil Service Agency has also been affected by the system of political governance. Factors responsible for the weakness of the administrative governance included, besides the presidency incrementally encroaching into different branches of government and appropriating different administrative, judicial and political initiatives, have been the absence of a code of conduct for public officials, the lack of effective systems for recruitment, training compensating and promotion of civil servants( UNDP 1999 report).
The need for reform came at least 1973, to be precise May 11, 1973,

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