Role Of Communication In Hospitality

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Nowadays, the growing communication, diversity has formed misconception in people, especially how best to use and experience this new phenomenon. In addition, excessive competition within the hospitality industry has enforced the need for hotels to concentrate on marketing strategies, particularly on communication one.
Marketing communication is also known as the promotion mix, communication mix, promotion or sometimes it is abbreviated to Marcom.

Communication has a very important role in breaking the obstacle of noise to get the target market. The innovations in the communication of a luxury hotel, such as the Four Seasons Hotel, make the offer more appealing to the guests. The latest technology and the different social media platforms place the experience of the guests like the most significant concept of their holiday and their communications with the hotel.

There are numerous definitions of marketing communication. According to Fill’s (2002), Pickton and Broderick (2001) marketing communication is a process of communication that occurs between an organisation and its audience. This process of communication involves developing, presentation and evaluation of various messages, which are delivered directly or indirectly to target market through hospitality communication mix tools, such as:
• Advertising consist from any paid for mass communications in media held by third party, such as online media, tourism board publications, guide books, magazines,
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