Role Of Companionship In Frankenstein

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What is a companion? A companion is a person who is considered to be a loved one or very close to the individual, these very special people play a great role in relieving the people close to them from stress and any calamities in life. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Misery by Anton Chekov, The two main characters Iona from Misery and The Monster from Frankenstein both experience the burden of a lack of companions. Despite the minor differences between the books Frankenstein and Misery there are many significant similarities that deserve thorough investigation. The need for a companion is a strong feeling, with feelings of impatience it can lead to desperation, and the loss of a loved one takes a great toll on the mind. These two books…show more content…
For people without these special individuals they search vigorously to obtain them. In Frankenstein, the monster looks at the cottagers as his protectors and friends, even though they did not know of his existence. The feelings The Monster felt were clearly expressed in this passage which says “ I looked upon them as superior beings… I formed in my imagination… pictures of presenting myself… I imagined that they would be be disgusted, until, by my gentle demeanour… I should win their favour and afterwards their love” (Shelley, 103). This text exemplifies the fact that although the family does not acknowledge the Monster, he still looks up to them and hopes that one day they will become acquainted. The novel Misery shares resemblance in their situations. Iona tries to find someone to listen and share his pain by telling his passengers his story, in the passage he declares “He hears abuse addressed to him, he sees people, and the feeling of loneliness begins little by little to be less heavy on his heart.”(Chevkov, 3). The idea that everyone needs a companion is strongly reinforced by the previous statement. Even though Iona is being bullied by the passengers the fact that they are interacting with him, allows him to feel better about his depressing situation. These two stories make it clearly evident that the role of a companion deserves credit for all that they do, to relieve the weight of life on the individuals that they are accompanied
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