Role Of Conscience In King Lear

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Moreover, the absence of role the conscience through rules of law between the father with his youngest daughter and two women with their father in one hand and with others until between them, other proves that means; the deadly women who are using all their powers of seduction and intrigues to lead men into dangerous situations. Therefore, the tragedy play contains various themes under the two importance issues of law and conscience throughout acts the plot and subplot of play. In other words, through the legal and moral responsibility according to the behaviour of characters which are lead them to discover the moral attitude and immoral toward each one of them and the ruling of authority which is representative by violating the natural law, Bonetto comments upon that: Shakespeare explicitly refers to the Christian moral law and implies that it has, at best, a tenuous hold on individual agents because conscience as the instrument whereby that law is said to manifest itself to the individual (“the voice of God in man”) seems to prevent action only insofar as the prospect and fear of punishment prohibits it, not because the action itself is deemed wrong or immoral by the agent.( 2006:517). Shakespeare gives a clear sign to versus role between the law and conscience in King Lear throughout the treatments of characters between them. In king Lear, the child-father relationship has been explored central to this drama is the struggle
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