Role Of Consumer Behaviour In Tourism

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In recent past, the United Arab Emirates is considered the most prominent and preferred destination for tourist globally. It is because the outstanding growth and development in the field of tourism, among other things also. With the passage of time the UAE tourism is developing faster than ever before, many restaurant and hotels represent, almost, two percent in gross domestic product and the rate of employment is 4.4% observing total workforce. All these facts and figures show very clearly that the sector of tourism is the most promising sector in the United Arab Emirates’ economy (Ali et. al, 2015)
2.1 Consumer Behavior
The researchers explain the factors of consumer behavior and describes that there are lots of effects, characteristics
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Any consumer must influenced by family members, a tourist loving family member must have some influence regarding tourism and any change in this factor can change the behavior of any tourist. As brought up any person can belongs to multiple groups, and this can be defined in the terms of social status roles. Mostly, when any person, is predictable to execute according to those persons or groups which are around him or her, the role has been indicated as the role of that groups (Kumra,…show more content…
Motivation; there are many needs and requirements of any consumer in different pace of times, at the time of hunger or thirst, he/she have strong need of food and food items and at that time consumer has no other immediate intention in his mind. It can be described that motivation is a need that is stimulate to any sufficient intensity level (Mooij, 2014). Learning; actions take major part in learning process which can easily seems in any person behavior. Most of a person’s response to drive, reinforcement, cues and stimuli is from learning only. Two different people with same learning resources can also think differently so the behavior of consumer also depends upon the ability of learning by any consumer (Otnes and Tuncay-Zayer, 2012). Perception; in different circumstances, a motivated person is always ready to act, whether the result will be in favor of the person or not, but two people with same circumstances can act differently. The reason of acting different is that we see the picture with our own eyes and our mind may also react with the stored information which we have, or we can easily say that how much the information of concerned circumstance we have, the action may differ (Saito, 2009). Beliefs; a person’s specific thought about something is his/her belief. It can also play significant role while choosing commodities in market, consumers

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