Role Of Crime In The Godfather

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Gangster Movies are morality tales: Horatio Alger success stories or 'search of the American dream ' upside down on criminals live in a dream world invested success and wealth. Often poor immigrant families, often prey characters gangster crime in the pursuit of wealth, status and because all other paths "normal" in the top material possessions (clothes and cars) are not available to them. Although they are doomed to failure and inevitable death (usually violent) offenders are sometimes portrayed as victims of circumstances, because the stories are told from their point of view.

Movies for reference:


The Godfather is a movie with such strong characters that people idolize them. While for those who see the film for an entertainment purposes will not grasp the concept of crime being glorified in the movie. After seeing about 1/4 of the film one would definitely say that the main character is in control of a huge amount of power and wealth is tall and therefore its believed that certain people might envy this resulting in the glorification of the position of the man at the film.
In certain events of the film Godfather solidify the position as at the wedding many people came to ask difficult Don favors and people like Luca Brasi thanked godfather for inviting him to the wedding. Favors people like Johnny Cash I wanted to use his power to get you a movie role portrays the godfather promotes energy measurement Godfather. Materialistically over wedding the viewer
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