Role Of Criminal Law In Malaysia

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Question 1 Generally, the legal system can be divided into two categories that being civil and criminal law. Distinguish between the role of criminal law in relation to the Malaysian legal system and analyze the purpose of the law. What is law? Law is a structure of rule whereby it is enforceable by the State. In society, law carries out functions, such as controlling or maintaining relations between citizens and state, or relations among individuals. Law can be classified into three different areas, known as the Public Law, Private Law and International Law. Public Law can be classified into Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Law whereas on the other hand, Private Law, which is also known as Civil Law consists of many areas, such as contracts, Commercial Law, Agency, Sales of Goods, Property law, Trusts, Family Law and Torts. Criminal Law First and foremost, a crime is known as a wrongdoing by an individual towards the State. The principal consequence of which is that the offender, if he is detected and it is decided to prosecute, is prosecuted by or in the name of the state. Therefore, Criminal Law is being implemented. The role of the Criminal Law is to deal with different types of wrong doings or offences committed by a criminal, and be punished fairly as stated by the law. Such examples of crimes are robbery, theft, murder, counterfeiting and cheating. Hence, the purpose of the Criminal Law is to maintain and regulate the stability of the country or
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