Role Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Xavier Mata Z1731034 Nursing 302 Critical Thinking Questions 1. Describe the characteristics of critical thinkers, and explain why critical thinking is important in nursing. Critical thinkers are open minded, effective at communication, decisive, and focus on the issue at hand. Critical thinking is important in nursing due to the fact that nurses are sometimes put into a position where they need to make split second decisions and critical thinking is key for these types of decisions. It is also important in nursing because as a nurse you need to do a considerable amount of collaboration with co-workers and take suggestions that they would not normally take, this is where the open mindedness and communication skills take part. 2. List at…show more content…
• An expert thinker would be able to collaborate much better with other nurses in order to find the best way to treat a patient where as a novice would be much harder to collaborate with due to inexperience and not being able to communicate effectively. 3. Describe the phases in the nursing process, and explain the activities of each phase. • Assessment- during assessment, information about the patient is acquired through examination and questions. In this stage the nurse needs to communicate with the patient in order to gather this data • Diagnosing- the nurse takes the information from the assessment, analyzes it and identifies the problem that needs to be addressed by the nurse. • Outcomes/planning- the nurse creates measurable and achievable short term and long term goals for the patient, this could be the nurse having the patient start eating more frequently(assessment date, diagnosis and goals are recorded in patients care plan for co-workers to have access to) • Implementation- nursing care is given according to the care plan, the nurse continues for patient in preparation for…show more content…
• Interdependent nursing intervention- The result of collaboration between coworkers or consultation. An example of this would be if a patient was consuming a high sodium diet and the nurse includes diet counseling and has a registered dietician educate the patient on a proper diet and its benefits. 6. List the pros and cons related to the use of nursing diagnoses. • Pros- the pros of the use of nursing diagnoses’ are that nursing diagnoses give a judgment to potential health problems and which helps the physician in order to more effectively identify a disorder. • Cons- the nursing diagnosis may mislead a physician if the symptoms a patient is feeling are atypical to the actual disorder they have, leading to the physician having a harder time identifying the disorder and possible using the wrong treatment 7. Explain the difference between medical and nursing

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