Role Of Curriculum Design In Engineering Education

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Gajanan Patange* Harmish Bhatt* Prachi Shah**
*Assistant professor
CHAMOS Matrusanstha Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology (Formerly Charotar Institute of Technology)
Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT),
At. & Post Changa-388421, Ta: Pelted, Dist: Anand, (Gujarat) India

**Assistant professor
Information Technology Department,
BVM engineering college (An Autonomous institute),
Vallabh Vidyanagar, 388120, Ta. & Dist: Anand, (Gujarat) India

Outcome based education a concept that demands each part of an educational system should have some goals (outcomes). Our curriculum
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Experiential learning, takes the student out of the physical boundaries of the university to engage a different set of “teachers” for teaching undergraduate students. This instruction method does not deliver the required knowledge in a specialized or articulated form, but is tacitly delivered from experience (4). Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics(5). There is a need of redesign the conventional curriculum, which is mostly concept based, in engineering institutes in India. An attempt has been made in this paper to identify the role of curriculum design in the field of engineering to have Outcome Based Education (OBE) in India. In this paper the study has been focused on a conventional branch of engineering i.e. mechanical…show more content…
As an example student from mechanical engineering is not able to posses attributes which are integral part of need. Indian education system is rigid as far as the content and time is concerned (6). It is also observed in Indian universities’ syllabus the laboratory hours are limited which has several losses. By comparing the attributes which comes out from the curriculum of various Indian and foreign universities one can identify real time need of attributes which should be covered in curriculum

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