Data Governance In Health Care

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Role of Data Governance in Healthcare Indstry
In Analytics, Data governance is meant for providing guiding principal and context specific policies to frame the process and procedure for data management. Data Governance is connected to each sphere of Analytics, be it descriptive analytics, where a company can know the past and current status of business, or predictive analytics; determining the factors affecting the future in business. Predictive analytics can play a very integral role in determining the best course of action for future scenarios.
From my perspective, data governance is just another word for well-managed and well-governed data. Although the need for data governance has never been greater, initiatives in many organizations
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The degree to which health care is required to integrate can only be sustained in an environment that embraces formal data governance.Within care provider systems, integration is required to consistently identify a patient to enable quality measurement, clinical decision support, performance measurement and analysis. Between care provider systems comprising the continuum of care, integration is required to recognize the same patient and collaborate to improve the health of a patient population. And across providers and payers integration is required to forge new models of payment based on accountability and…show more content…
The issues were resolved by following the workflow process .
The workflow process has already improved the coordination of care, and patients’ information is secure and with the continuous monitoring of data quality initiated, the hospital can now move into working with master data.
A cross-functional data governance structure and process helps an organization harness value from its data assets. Data governance is not an information technology function nor is it a department in the organizational hierarchy.Rather, data governance brings together the key stakeholders from quality, finance, administration, IT and others to make decisions on how data should be captured, harmonized, and secured. The data governance discipline makes decisions on how to rationalize inconsistencies in data . It governs how the data can be used to ensure appropriate access, security and patient privacy. And if necessary, data are not captured in the way that is usable, it identifies the need for potential changes in workflow and system implementation, and engages the right stakeholders to effect the required modifications.
Data governance is critical in today’s business environment. Internal and external demands
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