Role Of Dehumanization In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Why did the whites show that “they were better” and why in those grisly ways? When America first came into play, slaves were a thing. They were used quite widely around the world. Many people taught their children that and most people today still believe it, the blacks were lower in status and will be treated as that sadly. They feel they were used for work and nothing else. Nobody wanted them to be free because they had free workers.“They were raised in a society that historically dehumanized blacks for a variety of reasons, and continues to do so in more subtle ways. People tend to believe what they were raised to believe regardless of whether it 's true.” stated by a writer, Marcus Ford, who answered a question. The blacks were lower in economic,…show more content…
In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, a black man was accused of raping a woman. She lied so that he would go jail because her dad said so. He didn’t like that his daughter was really attached him so he wanted him to go. He told his daughter that she was going to fake that he was raping her so he would go away and he would never see him again in his life. He knew what happened to black people accused of any crime; they would be hung. Even the police was in on it, rather than them hanging him; they decided that they would take him out to nowhere and shoot him. They claimed, “he started to run, and I missed; Tom is dead,” stated by a sheriff in the book. In this world, many things pushed the blacks down, one account was the Jim Crow Laws. They allowed us to segregate freely. Jim Crow decided that allowing segregation to be legal was a good idea; meaning that even more blacks can be hurt more than they already were. These people were praying each day that they wouldn’t be killed by some white people just because the color of their skin. They didn’t care how good of a person they were, they would be killed because of their skin. “Jim Crow laws, in U.S. history, statutes enacted by Southern states and municipalities, beginning in the 1880s, that legalized segregation between blacks and whites,” stated in an article by The Jim Crows laws didn’t only hurt the black people…show more content…
Many people may need health care immediately and they would just refuse and sometimes die because these people would turn down helping them. Turning down patients may have them slowly killed or die within some time. “Many were simply denied medical attention, either "dumped" into the care of other facilities or turned away at the hospital door,” exclaimed by a study done by CNN. With people denying medical attention, health care and food stamps were also not given to them. A lot of African Americans were living on the streets already and couldn’t even get any food. Most African Americans were jobless with little to no income and now they aren’t getting food that is for everyone but they decide they don 't serve black folks. “Health care and food stamps were virtually nonexistent for African Americans, and some charitable organizations and soup kitchens refused to serve them at all,” stated in a study done by Black people had hard times with food and getting jobs after having a criminal record. Many black people have a harder time getting a job if they have a criminal records while whites had a higher chance, even more than triple the blacks. Black people had an even harder time getting a job because their black, if a white man and a black man were to both apply for the same job, the white man would get it even if he had a criminal record and the black man didn’t. It is insane

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