Role Of Democracy In The Philippines

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One of the things that makes a democratic country is the freedom of the people to choose their leaders, and this occurs during the elections. The elections is one of the highlights in the Philippines since it’s when the people obtain the power to replace or maintain a certain politician, but do the people really choose their leaders? The Philippines is still a young country. Independency of the Filipinos only came during early 1900’s after hundreds of years of colonization from different countries. Introduction of Democracy in the Philippines also means the start of National Elections. According to The Philippine Electoral Almanac (2013), the first Presidential Elections was held on September 16, 1935 making Manuel L. Quezon the President of the Philippines after defeating Emilio Aguinaldo. From there on elections in the Philippines were continued up until the present. Philippines had already experience two kinds of elections: manual and automated. Ever since the beginning of elections in the country, manual elections were used. Teachers in public school would read the votes from the ballot while someone would tally on a board. Manual elections is a lengthy procedure of counting the votes. Especially since the Philippines an archipelago, sending all the ballot boxes from Mindanao to Luzon is such a hassle. Another thing about the manual elections is that voting requires the people to write the name of the person they want to vote. This makes voting time consuming, and
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