Role Of Disobedience In Oscar Wilde's Unite The Right

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An irish author Oscar Wilde claims that disobedience is a man’s original virtue and that through disobedience progress is made. Disobedience has been violent and unethical with an example that recently happened like the “Unite the Right” events that happened Charlottesville and others dating back from many years ago like the lynching in America. Although there are people who would say that this is an effective way get their way and point across clearly in a situation, there are other ways to get more people to follow your views in a more ethical and nonviolent way. In the “Unite the Right” event that happened in Charlottesville, many white supremacist stormed the University of Virginia campus with torches. Organized chants, formations, even similar style of clothes/haircuts were present in the white supremacist group while marching that night. Not only did they march across the Virginia campus causing terror and hostility, but there were instances where people were maced, wacked with the torches, and injured. It quickly turned into a violent protest until law enforcement came, but it would only get worse the next day. Many deaths and injuries happened during a protest when a car, that was being driven by a white supremacist,…show more content…
Unlike the “Unite the Rights” events in Charlottesville, where many people were injured and killed, this was not a violent protest but a peaceful one. This has been a controversial topic and situation for many people who think that it is disrespectful to be kneeling during the national anthem. Although by law they are exercising their First Amendment rights, President Trump believes that they should be fired because it is disrespectful. But these NFL teams are not kneeling because they do not want to stand and respect the flag, they are kneeling because they are protesting against police brutality and racism that is happening in the country at the

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