Role Of Domestic Tourism

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Domestic tourism is defined as the activities of residents of a given country or other area travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes whereas international tourism consider the same activities but occurring in places outside a travelers’ country of residence (WTO).Even though the World Organization estimates that there are almost three times as many domestic tourists as international ones worldwide, this does not seem to be true for poor countries especially in Africa.(Manono et al 2013)A statistical analysis released by KNBS shows that the total number of nights
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To identify trends of domestic tourism.
2. To identify factors that affect domestic tourist’s choices.
3. To explain how those factors affect their choices.
4. To analyze various strategies employed by the stakeholders in promotion of domestic tourism.
5. To make recommendations on ways to boost domestic tourism

2. Literature review.
Copper et al., (1998) argue that the reason which motivates people to travel is as a result of their inner urges and is due to differences in the perceptions, images, attitudes, and motivation of an Individual. These factors are deemed vital and significant when studying tourism because of their effect in travel Decision making. One major l factor is motivation. Motivation is a driving force that propels us to move (Solomon, 2004) and plays a crucial role in determining the decision making process and travel behavior of tourists .For a company to gain a competitive differential advantage, it needs to fully understand what triggers consumers to purchase tourism or hospitality products. It has been known that a variety of forces namely push and pull, do compel an individual to take action and have long been used to determine motivation for travel by individuals (Bogari et al., 2004; Kim and Lee,
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Susan and Swarbroke (1999) talked of determinants of tourist consumer behaviour.They say that there are two types of determinants I)those factors which determine whether or not someone will be able to take holiday ii)those factors which determine the type of the trip if the first set of determinants allow a holiday to be taken. the type of trip taken can encompass a huge range of variables including, the destination for the trip, when the trip will be taken, mode of travel to be used, duration of the trip, how much will be spent on the trip and activities undertaken by the tourist during the holiday


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