Learner Centered English Education Essay

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Language is the most significance occupancy that differentiates human being from the other animals on the planet. We, as humans, use language to convey and share data, feelings, emotions, information, etc. Language performs a pivotal role in our day-to-day life. In the era of global village, English is used as the international language for business, tourism, political and international relationship.
According to Broughton (2003), English is an international language and most people in the world use this language. It is the most broadly studied foreign language in the world. English is learnt widely either for general or specific purpose in formal as well as information and education from the elementary schools up to higher secondary
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Every participant of educational drama makes cognitive as well as attempt and even they make emotional efforts to interpret the content of learning material.
Drama activities fulfil many of the goals of learner-centered instruction. Learner-centered instruction seeks to involve the learner more fully in the instructional process, making a far more active use of the learner’s mental powers than traditional methodologies (Bolton,G.M 1992). Learners are no longer the passive receivers of formal knowledge conveyed by the teacher.
Drama is an activity where a person has to portray himself in an imaginary situation, which enhances the skill to respond quickly to anything through language. Though number of researches has been made in this particular area, the particular efforts have not been done to evaluate the effectiveness of drama based activities in enhancing speaking skills of ESL learners at secondary level. Thus, researcher has selected this area of research wherein he can put in his techniques of making an actor a better actor can be used as a tool to enhance speaking skills of ESL learners at secondary

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