Role Of Dystopian Society In Fahrenheit 451

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Can you imagine a world where the hardcovers that bring us together in our world were outlawed in an attempt to create a perfect society? In the book Fahrenheit 451, peacemakers decided that books were causing disturbance to their “Utopian” culture. After a while, book were outlawed in order to keep certain knowledge from the people. Some may think that they Dystopian society in F541 is different from our society, but in reality, they are similar in several ways. Loyalty is can be to one person, many people, a business, a religion and so forth. in Fahrenheit 451, almost everyone is loyal to the government until a person is curious which leads to their death. In the book Montage is loyal to the government until he sees a rebel burn with her house and books because they brought her happiness. In the book Mildred, Montag 's wife, turned her husband into Beatty, the captain of the fireman, for having books. In my world, loyalty…show more content…
Mildred is the typical woman in her society and she has three walls that are full of screens and she wants more! Mildred is often distracted by the screens. Mildred also has a tech “fam.” In this “fam,” she has a clown who loves her and they talk often. Distractions in Gilbert include many more screens including Ipods, Iphones, Ipads, Tvs, and computers. We take up most of our time on these screens. Similar to Mildred’s clown fam, we have online dating. Online dating is a distraction that happens most with men and women who want to find a match quicker. The person can spend hours a week trying to find someone on the website that they can connect to.
In the book and reality we have many acts that are similar and some different. Distractions and loyalties are two similarities and two differences. In our world we have the similarities to Fahrenheit 451, which turned into a Dystopia, not a Utopia at the end, what does that mean for us? Are we going to become more similar to a
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