Essay On Women Education

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CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION The social, economic as well as the cultural prosperity of a nation depends on the status and education of women. In modern world, the role of the women goes much beyond the name and the bringing up of children. She is now sharing equality with man the responsibility for development of society in all its aspects. Kothari commission (1964-66) has rightly pointed out that the significance of girls cannot be ever emphasized. For full development of our human recourses the improvement of human beings and for molding the character of children during the most impressionable years of infancy, the education of women is of greater importance than that of men. The education of women is also important from the point of view of…show more content…
There are many hindrances in the path of professional education of girls. Among the economic reasons which have come in the way of girls professional education, poverty of parents in the chief cause, parents cannot effort to spend on their children’s education and when they have to choose between the education of their sons and that of their daughters, they prefer to spend on the education of their sons which they consider more important from economic point of view. They consider that a girl a is not required earn for her living as her function in life is to marry and set up a home and bring up a family. Another reason for reluctance on the part of parents to send daughter to professional institutes is that she is required to work in house and help her mother if there is a large family to look after. There is another very important problem that has to be discussed connection with girls professional education that is there should or should not be co-education at all stages, a belief which is unfortunately not shared in this country. There are however, two kinds of people who are against coeducation. One kind opposes it purely from an orthodox point of view. There is the belief that the members of opposite sexes must be kept apart. Men and women have different spheres of work. There is therefore, no need to bring them together. It would result in making women too forward and even result in immorality and other consequent
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