Role Of Education In Education

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CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION The social, economic as well as the cultural prosperity of a nation depends on the status and education of women. In modern world, the role of the women goes much beyond the name and the bringing up of children. She is now sharing equality with man the responsibility for development of society in all its aspects. Kothari commission (1964-66) has rightly pointed out that the significance of girls cannot be ever emphasized. For full development of our human recourses the improvement of human beings and for molding the character of children during the most impressionable years of infancy, the education of women is of greater importance than that of men. The education of women is also important from the point of view of social justice and democratic values which demand that women should have equal opportunities in the field of education. Education is considered as on agent of social and economic development of the country. In this age of correlation between education and manpower development, the education of women is all the more important in order to increase the human capital and productivity. Education has been perceived to be a significant instrument in improving the status of women and consequently there have been efforts to improve the access of girls and women to education. Policy makers have recognized the apart from the political structure, corrective legislation and economic transformation, the formal education system has to be made more
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