Role Of Education In Fahrenheit 451

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Imagine a world where no one truly cares about each other, or obtaining new information. The people in this world only care about themselves, and what makes them happy. Nothing else matters to the people in the society. The book Fahrenheit 451, brings you into a world where this exact scenario, is reality. In the book, it is illegal to own or read books, and if anyone is caught reading, the books they have are burnt by firemen. The story is in Guy Montag's, a firemans, point of view. I believe that Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 to warn people that a lack of reading/education will lead to a bleak, hopeless future where no one cares about each other. Education and reading makes people connect with each other on a deeper level than television does. For example when Mildred and her friends are watching White Clowns, they have small talk. “ isn’t this show wonderful? Cried Mildred. Wonderful!” ( Bradbury 90) this is as deep as Mildred and her friends conversations get. They don't actually care about what each other is saying, because they are distracted by the television. They feel like they are conversing with…show more content…
Montag goes to burn down an old woman's house because she owns books. She refuses to leave the house that will soon be burnt down because she would rather be dead than have to live in the awful world, without her books. “Montag placed his hand on the woman's elbow. You can come with me. No, she said. Thank you anyways. I want to stay here” ( Bradbury 36). The woman died without a second thought. She didn't even have to think twice about dying with her books. “The woman on the porch reached out with no content to them all, and struck the kitchen match against the railing.” ( Bradbury 37). The lady wants to die with something important (books) instead of living in the careless

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